World's top brand optical equipment and peripheral products



Since its founding in 1986, T.E.M. Incorporated has linked Japan and the world as a trading company specializing in photonics and optical products, and in 2016 the company celebrated its 30th anniversary.

In order that our customers may use foreign-made products with peace of mind, we established a technical center in Japan where we focus on enhancing our quality control, technical-development support, and after-sales service.

Going forward, we will be working to expand our business even further by presenting new products to customers in Japan and abroad while maintaining good relations with our existing suppliers and putting to good use the network of foreign and domestic suppliers that we have built up over many years.

We will keep growing in order to obtain even greater trust from our customers and business partners, and we look forward to their continued support.


Management philosophy

Develop new business
The Company will constantly strive to be the leader of the industry, actively dedicating effort and resources to new business and taking on new challenges without fearing failure.
Management utilizing the characteristics
In running the Company, leverage what is distinctive about the Company The Company will place emphasis on uniqueness, specificity, and distinctiveness; will select fields, products, projects, and industries that it is good at; and will focus its activity.
Earn a reasonable profit
The Company will earn a reasonable profit and maintain itself by carrying out corporate sales in an honest way - based on the Company’s technical abilities - and providing customers with worthwhile services.
Manage the business swiftly
The Company will always evaluate and judge its size and work-site operations with objectivity, establish and manage temporal targets, and carry out business activities quickly.
Give employees the chance to do their best
While maintaining a basic management system, the Company will take into consideration the traits of individual employees and use the right person in the right place, and will make employees and their families happy.
Contribute to society
To make the world a better place, the Company will act as a good corporate citizen to contribute to the development of society.
Maintain compliance
The Company will comply with the laws and regulations that relate to its business, and will conduct its business activities in a fair way.