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Our mission is to provide the latest Western, laser-related products to customers in Japan’s optical-equipment industry in a timely and high-quality manner. To accomplish that mission, we at TEM meet the needs of customers by drawing on our strong customer-support system and high technical skills.
In particular, we place an emphasis on resolving the quality problems and support difficulties that often represent risks when a company is putting into operation products made overseas. We possess the systems and technology necessary so that customers can put these products into operation with peace of mind.


At TEM, our greatest strength is our development and support systems, the sorts of systems that are not found at general trading companies.
We have our own independent, specialized technical center, a rarity among trading companies. The center’s engineering staff puts its high technical skills to work to give customers the development services they need when putting products into operation, and to provide after-sales support so that customers can use these products with peace of mind.


  • We use our unique simulation technology to provide rapid support in the designing of galvanometer scanner mirrors and peripheral equipment.
  • The logistics system that we have constructed coordinates closely with manufacturers’ production departments. We handle everything, from inspection of foreign products on arrival all the way through to final shipping.
  • With its specialized knowledge and skills, our staff continuously researches new technologies and products while making sure our systems are what the market needs.
  • Laser-related products from overseas can take a long time to arrive, so we use information on how many units customers require so that we can keep an optimal number in stock, permitting us to deliver products when customers need them.