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Laser Scanning

Galvano Scanner

Cambridge technology has No. 1 world market share of galvano scanner.The company really recommend this product with confidence.And, we have a technical center in Japan.That makes it possible to provide best support service for clients.


HIGH SPEED POLYGON SCAN HEADS (>300m/s):A variety of configurations for many different applications providing hundreds of meters / second scanning, especially for high power and ultrafast(ps, fs) Lasers.HIGH SPEED POLYGONAL SCANNERS(>100kHz): Superior scan rate (>100kHz), accuracy and repeatability. Products vary from quick delivery standard model to fully customised scanners on request.

MEMS Galvanometer

The MEMS scanner is electromagnetic and enables free position determination and scanning speed change.We can provide you for example, Large biaxial MEMS scanner capable of accommodating incident beam diameter φ 8 mm, Two-axis integral type MEMS scanner, etc.

Software for laser marking / controller

This product is a controller and software for the galvano scanner unit.It is available for each company’s laser product and main galvanic products.

Special optical parts( collecting lens / expander / wavelength etc)

We line up various optical products that correspond to a wide range of applications.

Beryllium mirror

Beryllium is lighter in specific gravity its purity is higher and it is harder than metal. Lightweight beryllium products are suitable for produce large mirrors and it is enabled to make high speed scanning of galvanos and other scanner products by small driving torque.


Fiber Laser (Nd, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb) / MIR Laser / fs・ps Laser

From UV to MIR, IPG offers a wide selection of continuous wave (CW) fiber lasers in the low power (<100W) range for scientific, R&D and commercial applications.

Laser Diode

High-power single-emitter diodes set the company apart from competition with short-lived diode bars and stacks. IPG leverages its legendary telecom and fiber laser reliability with diode technology providing high power single emitters from 10 to 70 W out of 105 or 110 um single core fiber.

High-quality compact YAG Laser Systems

It is supremely stable and consistent at handling laser output in a wide range microprocessing applications, including LCD and semiconductor repair requiring superior precision down to the submicron level.

laser pointer/Line generator

We provide high performance laser pointer and laser line generator equipped with aspheric lens by optical design technology and precision glass molding technology.

Laser Diode Driver / TEC controller

Electronic control systems for laser diodes, the devices can contain laser current sources, controls for peltier coolers as well as cooler blocks.

Wavelength stabilized, narrow band Laser diode

All Wavelength Stabilized Laser Diodes and Laser Modules incorporate the Ondax PowerLocker® VHG filter to provide single-frequency or narrowed linewidth spectral performance, stabilized temperature operating characteristics, and low power consumption – delivering affordable, portable, instrument quality performance for a diversity of applications.

Telecom Amplifiers

IPG’s EAR series of Erbium Fiber Amplifiers have been accepted by the Rural Utilities Service (RUS) of the United States Department of Agriculture. USDA RUS acceptance allows IPG’s cost-effective EAR Series of Erbium Fiber Amplifiers to be purchased using RUS loans and grants.

Measurement & Analysis

Portable OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) system

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a 3-D imaging technique that can provide high resolution (up to few micrometers) and deep penetration (up to few millimeters) in a scattering media. Applications include medical diagnosis, biological imaging and material inspection.

User Friendly and Compact Laser Raman Spectrometer

Wasatch Photonics offers best-in-class Raman spectrometer systems designed with our WP Raman ƒ/1.3 spectrometer engine to deliver the world’s fastest Raman spectrometers.

THz-Raman System(Raman system for ultra low-frequency region)

THz-Raman® Spectroscopy Systems extend the range of traditional Raman spectroscopy into the terahertz / ultra low-frequency regime, exploring the same range of energy transitions as terahertz spectroscopy – without limiting the ability to measure the fingerprint region.

High Speed Digtizer

With our high-speed digitizers, we improve your measurement fidelity, signal integrity and measurement throughput, keeping low the total cost of ownership.

IR Laser interferometer

The infra-red interferometers is available with a choice of lasers operating at 10.6 microns wavelength, in the 3-5 micron wavelength range, at 1.55 microns or 850 nanometers and allows fringes to be obtained quickly and easily with excellent signal-to-noise.

Live-line monitoring system / Tester

TDR is capable of finding faults (Opens, Shorts, Arc Faults) on fully energized cables up to 600 Volts. Arc Chaser can monitor live cables for intermittent conditions, capturing these “events” and reporting where and when they occur.

LAN cable / coaxial cable / telephone cable tester

The functions of a high-end cable tester and length measurement tester, with the capability to identify link status, link capability, and PoE detection. All of this is in full color and internal memory to save results.

Ultratrace spectrophotometer / Related products for analysis and measurements

Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer is specialized instrument for bio-chemical research, especially for micro volume solution concentration measurement for DNA, RNA, Protein samples. It realizes a user-friendly interface, an accurate measurement, a competitive price and a stylish industrial design.

Optics & Fiber

Volume Phase Holographic (VPH) Grating

Exceptional 1st order diffraction efficiency Multiple patented designs for 350-2500 nm High uniformity over the full spectral band Low wavefront distortion, minimal scatter ability to optimize for bandwidth, transmission, polarization insensitivity & AR coating Validated 1st order diffraction efficiency Robust design for easy cleaning & handling.

Optical fiber cable / assembly / AR processing

Over 500 different specialty optical fiber part numbers to meet the needs of our customers. We specialize in optical fiber used for photonics applications, power delivery and sensing, and we also offer data communications fiber. Our high performance coatings enable our fibers to operate at extreme temperatures and survive in harsh environments.

Adaptive optics system / Wavefront compensation deformable mirror

High-performance deformable mirrors (DM) and adaptive optics (AO) systems are factory calibrated for precise linear open-loop positioning and improved closed-loop control. Be it on a mountain top in a telescope, in a cryogenic dewar, in a precision laser micromachining system on a factory floor, or in a research laboratory.

High-speed / deformable / focusing MEMS mirror

Variable focus optic solutions allow customers to achieve cutting-edge imaging performance in a compact package. In contrast to traditional focus control through translation of bulky lenses.

Protective Windows

Used as last optics to be used before the working are to protect the high-class laser optic from material spillings during the laser welding and cutting process.


Unice E-O Services Inc. is a technology-based company founded in 1986 by a group of experienced and professional engineers who have been working in Mechanic, Automation Control, Light Measurement, System Integration for a long time. We aim to develop top quality and advanced system to our clients through passionate and skilled people.

Custom Laser Optics

Pleiger Laseroptik GmbH & Co. KG stands for a corporate culture of competence, flexibility and reliability. We believe in building strong, long-term, business relationships. We understand that you have to know your market to be in it. PLEIGER offers optical components for worldwide delivery. Our coating services range from UV to IR applications.

Laser Processing Head

General Purpose: Evaluation, generation and application of laser light for industrial use; resulting project-, know – how- and service business; Achievements: Diode pumped solid state lasers for special applications, unique application concepts of high power laser diodes, related projects;Modular laser source- and machine concepts, components, accessories and unique beam alignment technology..